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C. Ask the parents to keep a written schedule of activities for each day for the client C. borderline personality disorder The patient said: You are the nurse here. D. confrontation, The nurse is working with a client who yells at the nurse "I am angry about how you keep treating me without respect!" A. post traumatic distress syndrome The client's sibling is visiting, and the sibling asks the nurse to explain why the client sometimes does this. Ecstasy 2.Select all the criteria for what is considered "At-Risk, L. J. is a 55-year-old male who attended a funeral and found himself laughing during the service, but later that evening he was irritated with himself for what he had done. The client has an unsteady gait, myopathy, and neuropathy and cannot remember past or recent events. month? vsim mental health case: andrew davis documentation assignments document your findings related to the focused assessment of mr. alcohol withdrawal symptoms. You checked scene safety. The nurse should explain to the new staff member that some clients use violence and aggression to .. B. provides a form of aversion therapy The patient. Instructing the staff to enforce all unit rules consistently D. "I am here to help you through every step of this process", A nurse is giving a talk about child abuse to a local community group. A. Which of the following questions should the nurse include in the assessment? The patient said: It is The patient said: Develop clinical reasoning skills, competence, and confidence in nursing students through vSim for Nursing | Mental Health, co-developed by Laerdal Medical and Wolters Kluwer.Designed to simulate real nursing scenarios, vSim enables students to interact with virtual patients in a safe, realistic environment, available . D. "you will be able to stop feeling angry when incidents happen out of your control", In which phase of the aggression cycle can techniques of seclusion or restraint be used to deal with the aggression quickly? "instead of worrying about your weight, try to focus on other problems at this time" The nurse identifies the this child is experiencing which type of abuse? What symptoms would the nurse expect to find in this client? D. "would you rather go to the cafeteria or have dinner in the dayroom? B. 143 terms. D. Exuberant. B. A. request a routine anti-anxiety medication for the client It is important that nurses communicate in a nonjudgmental manner. ), borderline personality disorder is categorized as a Cluster B disorder. You asked the patient: Over the past year, when did you feel your best? A. malnourishment unrelated to illness C. "I should practice limit-setting to help prevent client manipulation" Which response is most important for the nurse to make to this client? C. hallucinations "which activity would you like to participate in today?" B. triggering A. risk for injury related to effects of alcohol abuse After a dose had been administered, what assessment result, directly related to the medication, would be a concern for the nurse? You asked if the patient had any known allergies. A. cause behavioral dysfunction and inner distress Karen. (select all that apply) vSim for Nursing scenarios are authored by the NLN and are also included in Lippincott nursing textbooks, allowing students to follow their patient cases as they evolve. 9:58 You said: Do you feel bugs crawling under your skin? 10:23 The patient said: Why is everyone so loud? A. implement seizure precautions Which of the following statements is expected from a client who has this type of personality disorder? D. dramatic, Which long-term patterns are consistent with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder? D. Maladaptive expression of emotions, A nursing instructor is teaching about the importance of bonding and how an easy temperament can serve as a protective factor against psychopathology. Ineffective coping D. offer medication as the solution to the outburst, A client tells the nurse that the client has strong urges to damage property as a result of feelings of hostility and anger. Chaotic families C. insomnia Which statement made by a student demonstrates a need for further instruction? D. strict hierarchy of authority, A client's roommate yells at the client and the client acts as if nothing has occurred and ignores the roommate. 7:32 You asked the patient: How do you understand your problems? 2:25 You asked the patient: Do you have any difficulty with your breathing? They need to be aware of how this can impact caring for patients The nurse interprets this statement as reflecting what? B. Dissociation Which of the following is an expected finding? Which communication technique is the nurse utilizing with this statement? Which would the nurse include in the education plan for this client and family? A client says, "I'm feeling really tense, and I'm fidgety today." "I've put the incident behind me and seldom think of it" Which term should the nurse use to describe this drinking behavior? D. unstable personal relationships "taking this medication will decrease your cravings for alcohol" D. instruct the client to put the knife down, The nurse states "I know this must be frightening for you" to a client who is angry and has a potential for violence. What is the possible explanation for such a finding? Identity diffusion Kingman Academy Of Learning - High School, mental health vsim andrew davis pre quiz.pdf, VSIM ANDREW DAVIS PRE QUESTIONS STUDENT COPY.pdf, Clinical Replacement Packet Andrew Davis.docx, Feedback Log & Score Andrew DavisJul 05, 2022 6-40 PM.pdf, Leatherbury_Chen VSim Part 1 DA_Sayre.docx, Nonparenteral Meds.Student Version.Spring 2020.docx, Also note that by taking up the insurance she avoids the risk of the loss of 36, among the panelists He prepares the questionnaire and sends it to the panelist, Empowerment of different levels of personnel to resolve complaints disputes, A variable A can be controlled B does not change over the course of the, Thanks Ben this is fun and profitable Travis Giggy Hey Ben your Street Smart, either increased or decreased is to add a downward sloping demand curve on, RAV4 EM03T0U 197 QL1 20 QL1 10 E3 EL1 EL1 3 4 1 IH 18 IA 4 ACT 3 IH 17 IH 8 IA 3, Market description and analysis irfan.docx, You could also consider focusing on particular categories of food products The, QUESTION 584 The string or 11 Represents which of the following A Bluejacking B, TestOut LabSim print close modal 10.2.7 Practice Questions.pdf, Select the option that is reective of the Pont du Gard A circular disk on top, Of the axons involved in the transmission of pain, which one is thinly myelinated and conducts that first feeling of pain that is often felt as coming on as a sharp, rapid feeling? C. monitor facial expressions A. development of a therapeutic relationship The nurse should recognize the client's statement as an example of which of the following defense mechanisms? A. Andrew Davis vSim Scenario Steps: You checked scene safety. C. sexual assault nurse examiner C. lead to aggression and violence A. Affective instability A. have their needs met C. valproic acid D. request the presence of additional staff B. dry mouth "what did you learn about anger when growing up?" Assessment reveals that the client was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder 6 months ago, for which the client has been receiving outpatient treatment. Using concepts from assertiveness training and effective communication techniques, the nurse implements which intervention after hearing the wife's remarks? Lab Values (Normal Ranges) Med Surg 1. B. patient reports a headache rated as 3/5 Added hybrid fluid solver allowing electrons to be treated as a fluid, while ions are kinetic. An interactive, personalized simulation experience for every student. C. Narcissistic personality disorder perceptions. A. By cogdell memorial hospital ceo. A. difficulty in getting along with other members of a group B. helplessness B. intentional risk taking The assessment of the client's thought process and content would allow the nurse to identify what? C. practice assertiveness skills Vsim Andrew Davis Mental Health. Aggression B. Privacy Statement, Stuvia is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university, Pennsylvania State University - All Campuses, Rutgers University - New Brunswick/Piscataway, University Of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories, Everything's an Argument with 2016 MLA Update, Managerial Economics and Business Strategy, Primates of the World: An Illustrated Guide, The State of Texas: Government, Politics, and Policy, IELTS - International English Language Testing System, TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language, USMLE - United States Medical Licensing Examination. B. use increased doses of medication to reach a desired effect The patient said: Seven. 2:47 You asked the patient: On a scale of 0 to 10, how would you rate your level of. the 26th. This activation can be so overpowering that the alcohol becomes the to feelings. 1:51 The patient said: Why are you asking me so many questions? 0:43 You identified the patient. C. "I know that nicotine gum is a safe alternative to smoking if I become pregnant" The client tells the nurse that she is afraid she is going to gain weight. A. remind him frequently that the signs and symptoms will lessen in severity A. personality disorders are diagnosed in early adulthood, when personality formation is complete Withdrawal Assessment, or CIWA. 1:04 The patient said: I don't think I can keep this up anymore. A. - fibers, Select the correct description of a somatoform disorder. Which client response would indicate to the nurse that the client engages in anger suppression? A. C. offer the client an antianxiolytic mediation D. Schizoid personality, When clients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) see nurses as either all good or all bad, the client is using which primitive defense? use that makes some patients more susceptible to having diminished self-control C. display of defense mechanisms when routines are changed A. demonstrates extreme anxiety when placed in a social situation B. C. Abuse Which of the following information should the nurse to include in the teaching? had with friends or family with substance use disorder will affect these Docmerit is super useful, because you study and make money at the same time! C. "if you don't calm down, I will need you to go to your room" A. midbrain C. neurontin A. triggering D. have a staff member stay with the client, A nurse is leading an anger management group in the inpatient program. C. "I've been supported by health care professionals and now I want to support other survivors" C. "she should participate in an Al-Anon group to help her recover" Which class of medication is regularly prescribed to provide a gradual withdrawal from alcohol? 6:33 You asked the patient: Name an activity that you enjoy. B. diazepam E. using assertive language, Which statement, made by a nurse who experienced sexual abuse as a child, demonstrates being best prepared to work with sexual abuse and trauma survivors? I find Docmerit to be authentic, easy to use and a community with quality notes and study tips. over use. C. reflection The client has been in the psychiatric unit for 2 weeks and is scheduled to be discharged tomorrow. patient said: It's about a 4. A. pemoline The I have already answered a lot of questions. addiction. (select all that apply) -hydroxybutyrate D . Attempt to discuss placing the client into an assisted living environment 24-72 hours C. 4-7 days D.10-14 days QUESTION 62 1. D. monitor emotional responses C. therapeutic relationship B. client's primary care provider B. acceptance D. expressive anger, During which phase of the aggression cycle does the client regain physical and emotional control? Other sets by this creator. B. valproate You answered: A headache is a normal symptom of alcohol withdrawal. Mr. Davis reported having consumed his last drink around 4 pm, and he was admitted to the facility's detoxification unit shortly thereafter. C. Loneliness Measure students' progress, identify weaknesses and deliver instant . \nYou used the therapeutic technique of translating A. he is likely currently experiencing the peak of his signs and symptoms C. shield oneself with a pillow imperative that nurses recognize symptoms and provide early pharmacologic What is the nurse's most appropriate response to the client's comment? A. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder \nYou used the therapeutic technique of focusing. 6:41 You asked the patient: Can you tell me what you ate for breakfast? A. use should be limited to times when a client has demonstrated violence and has inflicted harm to self or others Which of the following responses should the nurse make? We know that is important to you", Which is the best definition of personality? B. offer fluids and nourishing diet as tolerated C. Passive-aggressive personality E. "she needs to discuss her feelings about substance use to help her recover", A nurse is providing teaching to a client who has alcohol use disorder and a new prescription for carbamazepine. C. crisis Devry University C. "can you select an outfit to wear to group therapy?" A. How should the nurse respond to this client? D. perceptions and delusions, What are some types of behavior that the nurse would recognize as qualifying as psychological abuse? Andrew Davis Age: 56 years Diagnosis: Alcohol withdrawal syndrome Score 2 1 0 85% Feedback Log 0:00 Patient 0:00 You checked scene safety. A. stalking "you have the right to be safe and respected" interviewing is a good intervention with alcohol use disorder as it promotes a The nurse is counseling a 28-year-old client with avoidant personality disorder. Mental health Vsim. D. History of depression, A client has a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder and lives at home with the client's parents. 31 terms. C. display increasing motor activity B. providing the client with a list of possible goals for behavior change Which step should the nurse take? Research suggests violent behavior is influenced by possession of which attribute? The client is no longer experiencing withdrawal manifestations. A. chlordiazepoxide B. impulsivity D. Cognitive schema, A nurse is describing histrionic personality disorder to a group of new nurses. "you will learn how to control your violent behavior" C. catharsis of anger The patient said: No, I am not seeing or hearing things that are not there. C. catharsis As he moves into Stage II (24 to 72hours) and then into Stage III (after 72 hours), what behaviors should be assessed for and what safety measures should be initiated? \nYou used the therapeutic technique of verbalizing the implied. B. panic disorder 0:06 You introduced yourself. said: No. A. constructive anger discussion C. 21 years "I am here so we can talk about what is making you angry" Cross), Campbell Biology (Jane B. Reece; Lisa A. Urry; Michael L. Cain; Steven A. Wasserman; Peter V. Minorsky), The Methodology of the Social Sciences (Max Weber), Biological Science (Freeman Scott; Quillin Kim; Allison Lizabeth), Develop a list of cues you identified from viewing the assessment, JadenuSodium Glucose Linked Transporter 2 Inhibitors, Test Bank for Davis Advantage for Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 10th Edition by Morgan 9780803699670 TEST BANK, Fundamentals of Nursing 9th Edition Taylor Test Bank-1-10, Test Bank for Foundations for Population Health in Community Public Health Nursing 6th Edition by Stanhope 9780323776882 TEST BANK, Test bank Fundamentals of Nursing 10th Edition, Understanding Pathophysiology 7th Edition Test Bank, Test Bank for Ebersole and Hess Gerontological Nursing and Healthy Aging 6th Edition by Touhy 9780323698030 TEST BANK, Test Bank For Pediatric Nursing The Critical Components of Nursing Care 2nd Edition, Educational Psychology and Development of Children Adolescents (D094), Anatomy & Physiology I With Lab (BIOS-251), Business and Society (proctored course) (BUS 3306), Professional Nursing Concepts III (5-8-8) (HSNS 2118), Managing Business Communications and Change (MGT-325), Professional Application in Service Learning I (LDR-461), Advanced Anatomy & Physiology for Health Professions (NUR 4904), Principles Of Environmental Science (ENV 100), Operating Systems 2 (proctored course) (CS 3307), Comparative Programming Languages (CS 4402), Business Core Capstone: An Integrated Application (D083), ECO 201 - Chapter 5 Elasticity and Its Applications, ATI System Disorder Template Heart Failure, CH 13 - Summary Maternity and Pediatric Nursing. Which of the following interventions should the nurse identify as the priority? 18 terms. D. encourage his family to spend time at his bedside, Mr. Davis has been prescribed an oral benzodiazepine to assist in managing his withdrawal symptoms should his CIWA-Ar score rise to 8 or above. B. ask colleagues to contact hospital security for support No. would be for you?

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