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9:43 Talks about beef with Dem Frahchize Boys & confronting the Ying Yang Twins about Whisper Song 16:12 Talks about his upcoming project with Pyrex titled No Co-Sign 0:33 Talks about the very successful year he is having in 2019 so far The daily events leading up to the Interview with DIRTY GLOVE BASTARDS "OFF THE PORCH"MELISSA'S Instagram :'S Inst. 1:59 Talks about touring with DaBaby on the Baby on Baby tour and picking up some performance tips from DaBaby, reveals what cities have been the most turnt for his shows, gives tips for artists who are about to go on tour for the first time On The Track, the impact the Futuristic Music era had on the rap game, discovering Roscoe Dash, getting Soulja Boy to jump on All The Way Turnt Up, learning the music business, having a purpose, how being an artist made him want to help other artists, starting Authentic Empire in 2017, explains why Euro Gotit is his next big artist, discovering Foogiano at one of his indy showcases, provides an update on Foogiano, his relationship with Gucci Mane & partnering with him on Foogiano & Atlantic, explains the importance of Accounts Receivable, having 100 employees, the importance of hiring help, his goals for AE, reveals what he looks for in artists when he signs them, and much more! Recently we sat down with Atlanta OG Freebandz Bass for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our discussion he talked about growing up in Macon, going to college for accounting & business administration, linking with CTE, the music scene back home, his new project Supernatural, his single Cloudsurfin, his music videos for No Brakes & Black Boy, upcoming music with Freddie Gibbs, his Slum Child Clothing brand, giving back, having his own interview serious Critical Breakdown, and much more. and many more! Maxwell, his upcoming EPTill My Fingers Burn,and much more! If you would like to change your settings or withdraw consent at any time, the link to do so is in our privacy policy accessible from our home page.. NoLoveTwinn "4th Ward Story" NoLoveTwinn "Off The Porch" Interview 0:15 Talks about his life after spending 4 years in prison and reveals he is currently on probation for 10 years Recently we sat down with buzzing Mississippi rapper Big WalkDog for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! He speaks on producer B-Flats production style and their great chemistry from working together for over 10 years now. We recently sat downwith FatNastyPodcastfor an exclusive Off The Porch interview! We recently caught up with Mykko Montana for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! 19:03 Talks about the role of mixtapes in 2019 & talks about his classic mixtape intros Recently we caught up with buzzing Dallas rapper Erica Banks for an exclusive "Off The Porch" interview! Manage Settings During our conversation he talked about linking with Stunna 4 Vegas & Stunna taking him under his wing, growing up in Durham, getting shot 3 different times including once in the face, focusing on music after the last incident, the music scene in Durham right now, recently signing his first autograph, Stunna speaks on Zays potential in the rap game, dropping 3 mixtapes in 6 months, his new project Same Zay, working with JDot Breezy on Murda 1, upcoming deluxe, new music, and much more! Recently we sat down with producer Pimpin Beatz for a very entertaining & revealing Off The Porch interview! During our conversation he talked about life on Cleveland Ave, growing up with 11 siblings, jumping off the porch, the biggest lesson he learned in the streets, staying positive while doing 11 years in prison, being influenced by Lil Wayne & Cash Money, taking his brother Young Thug to his first studio session, paying for Thug to go to the studio while he was locked up, crying when he heard Stoner on the radio, coming home & creating Mob Ties with 24Heavy & Slimelife Shawty, the song blowing up, his 2020 project 11 Years No Tears, the new YSL compilation album Slime Language 2, cutting people off to further his career, his upcoming project Pain, and much more! Recently we we linked with Jacksonville rappers Spinabenz & Whoppa Wit Da Choppa for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! We recently sat down with one of Atlantas most influential and under appreciated rappers, Key! Initially a miner and went to blastfurnaces. We recently sat down with Shayy Dee for an exclusive Off The Porch interview, during our conversation she discussed growing up in Iowa & Mississippi, transitioning to Atlanta, being successful at 20, pushing through the many health problems she has had to endure, growing up albino, suffering from muscular dystrophy, advice for people who are dealing with depression, the negative comments she received the first time she went viral, dropping freestyles every week, transitioning into her rap career, her YouTube Channel, and much more! We recently sat down with Macon rapper Billie Slum for an exclusive Off The Porch Interview! Fat Nasty Podcast DGB Off The Porch Interview. 14:28 Speaks on Yung Mal motivating him and giving him advice & says that the success of Mals solo album has motivated him Only Dirty Glove Bastard can say for sure, but we can make some excellent forecasts with data from YouTube. During our conversation he talked about jumping off the porch in Macon, explains how he got his start in the music industry, reveals how he first met Young Jeezy, explains why Jeezy gave him the name Carbon 15, being around for Trap Or Die, promoting the tape before the internet, the value of having relationships, working hands on with TM101, TM102, The Recession & TM103, bringing different producers to Jeezy, club nights with BMF, never having a proper job title with Jeezy, A&Ring YGs My N hit single, Jeezy not giving Freddie Gibbs his full support, Jeezy not being able to push his artists to the next level, explains why he decided to part ways with Jeezy, linking with Lil Freaky, getting him signed, also working with Billie Slum & a few producers, starting his Rare Individuals brand, and much more! Recently we linked up with rising Memphis rapper Finessing Azz Dlo who brought along Big Scarr & Big Moochie Grape for his exclusive Off The Porch interview! Crashout Grape DGB Off The Porch Interview. ft. #EGA #Eatorgetate . & Lil Flip, and much more! During our in-depth conversation he talked about growing up on the Westside and Zone 3, his thoughts on the message in Atlanta music today, Gucci & Gotti putting other artists in position to win, changing the sound & style of rappers, influencing & rapping with Yung LA, the futuristic music era, pushing the sauce movement 10 years ago, his adlib Bow Bow, his close relationship with Shawty Lo, the mixtape era, his close relationship with Young Thug, he explains why he took a hiatus from releasing music, getting shot 6 times, almost losing one of his legs, dropping his previous mixtape only on his own website, selling 36k downloads, being the spokesman for the app that turns your TV into a computer, maturing as a person, finding himself, his new song that features T.I. We recently sat down with Broward County rapper F$O Dinero for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Bandhunta Izzy DGB Off The Porch Interview. The best Podcast API to search all podcasts and episodes. During our discussion they talked about life in Memphis, jumping off the porch, beating murder charge, explain how the Fast Cash Boyz group was formed, their reputation in Memphis, the chemistry when the group is recording, the music scene in Memphis right now, Memphis influence on the rap game today, working with Tay Keith on collab project, their new music videos Back Up & Mixed Emotions, Jizzles new video Racks, CMoneys new videos Drill Shit & F**k The Opps, upcoming music, remaining independent, fatherhood, and much more! We talk about how a producer from Paris and a DJ from Houston first linked up online in 2015, before then meeting up in Atlanta the following year to work on the 'Young Slime Season' compilation. During our sit-down he talked about growing up in Huntsville, jumping off the porch, getting snitched on, finding God while locked up & turning his life around, growing up on Boosies music, meeting Boosie outside his concert, playing him his music while a shootout happened, signing with Boosie, explains what Bioosie is like as a CEO, moving to Atlanta 7 months ago, people overlooking Alabama rappers, going to see Johnny Dang for a diamond grill, blowing up the past few months, how his life has changed recently, his & Boosies buzzing new single Right Dea, his new single Dildo, his upcoming debut solo project Still In The Trap, Instagram threatening to take his account, and much more! 23:54 Explains how he became one of the most respected individuals in Atlanta & gives his definition of an OG We recently sat down with Atlanta comedian Nav Greene to discuss his upbringing in Atlanta, being on MTVs Yo Momma, how his Professor Fleek & Shift Leader characters came about and much more. J Money "Off The Porch" Interview Last week we caught up with Atlantas J Money for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation he discussed living inNorth Philly, being homeschooled during the pandemic, his first songNever Thoughttaking off on the radio, the meaning behind his name, his single Ohana, music scene in Philly, new music videoShe Bad, his first tapeNeighborhood PopStar,upcoming music, releasing merch and much more! During our sit down he spoke on the following topics: He also explains how Gucci Mane originally passed on the Zaytoven beat but jumped on it once he heard OJs now-classic hook. We recently linked with North Carolina artist Marko Marz for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! He also talks about the current state of Country Rap Tunes and if he considers Lil Nas X & NBA Youngboys music as Country Rap Tunes. We recently linked up with buzzing Chicago rapper OTF Timo for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! 9:58 Explains what was the hardest thing to let go from the streets and reveals the most money hes ever spent in one day During our conversation he discussed growing up inBrookhaven,Mississippi, moving toHouston, his music influences, thoughts on the rap game, lessons hes learned through life, the music scene In Mississippi, his new single On The Road , his new music video Regular, his single900 Baby,doing a feature withBoosie, being in a bad management deal, giving back to community + More! Playlists from our community. 9:44 Talks getting his first platinum plaque for his feature on K Camps Money Baby but not being able to enjoy the success of it before he was locked up not to long after the record was released Recently we caught up with Detroit producer Helluva for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! YouTube channels may earn anywhere between $3 to $7 per one thousand video views. Create, distribute, host, and monetize your podcast, 100% free. 21:04 Talks about his recent project E.A. Help needed for podcasts 11:06 Talks about not feeling challenged as a photographer, teaching himself how to shoot & edit, getting paid $500 for his first music video We recently sat down withAtlanta native IzzzyRaccsfor an exclusive Off The Porch interview! During our conversation she talks about her at home studio, growing up in Flint, wanting to work with Missy Elliot, biggest life lesson, working at a dentist office back in the day, being the provider for her family, independent artist misconceptions, learning how to navigate through the industry as a black woman, crazy industry story, receiving crazy DMs, thoughts on the current state of female rap, her studio sessions, her new single On The Flo, working with Trina on her Rich B***h Chronicles, making Coochie Girl with YN Jay, and much more! We recently linked back up with Albany rapper Hustla Ru for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! we sat down with the legendary Fabo for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Young Sunny Boy DGB Off The Porch Interview. Net Worth Spot's data predicts Dirty Glove Bastard's net worth to be about $541.74 thousand. During our conversation he talked about recently graduating from high school, losing his IG page, his new music video Hold On, his upcoming project, his creative process, explains why he doesnt work with a lot of other rappers, his single Mad Man blowing up, wanting to get Lil Baby on NAFWM, wanting his own strain, upcoming features in 2 movies, and much more! During our conversation he talked about surprising his dad Boosie with some gifts on Fathers Day, reveals why he got expelled in the 5th grade, quitting football after getting hit too hard, being a senior in high school, not planning on going to college, the difference between public & private school, starting to make music when he was 12 years old, taking music serious when his dad was in prison to make money, rappers he listens to, reveals if he feels pressure to live up to his dads legacy, plans to move to L.A., his breakthrough music video for Walk In Dis Bih, reveals that his mom still lives in the hood, taking care of his sister, his new music video Lets Do It, being a fan of fast cars, upcoming song with NBA Youngboy, upcoming album, and much more! During out sit down they talked about how the podcast got it start, their success, Bank getting his start at journalism by doing an episode of FBG Radio with Future, the conversations on their podcasts being unfiltered, adding Baby Jade to the show, Bank encourages more people to start podcasts, the importance of podcasts to show the true character of an artist, they explain how their partnership with Revolt came about, Bank starting The Sh** Show talent show, whats next for the podcast, and much more! Last week we sat down with platinum producer Pyrex Whippa for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Duke Deuce Dirty Glove Bastard Off The Porch Interview. During our conversation he discussed growing up inRiverdale, growing up withWaka Flocka& super producerSouthside, his biggest life lessons, his start in pursuing his rap career, witnessingWaka Flockablow up, working with Mike Will Made It, hisrelationship withSony Digital, new EPSage in The Air, his new music video Mr. We recently sat down with Virginia artist PG Strap for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! We recently sat down withBaton Rouge artist CalebBrownfor an exclusive Off The Porch interview! 24:17 Explains how the streets prepared him for the music industry & speaks on making it out of the streets During our sit down he talked about having a personally rough 2020, getting his start playing the piano in church when he was 15, starting to make beats when he was 24, his first placement being for Justin Bieber, the importance of being a musician, touring with The-Dream for 2 years, going from producing for R&B artists to trap music, Zaytoven teaching him how to make trap beats, meeting Zaytoven in church, explains his creative process, explains why he prefers to cook up with the artist in the studio, being hands on with artists when they are recording, explains how he first linked with Peewee Longway in 2013, explains how the idea for Longway Sinatra came about, what fans can expect from Longway Sinatra 2, getting 4 placements on Jeezys new album The Recession 2, his relationship with Jazze Pha, upcoming gospel album, scoring movies, and much more! 31:25 Speaks on the buzzing music scene in Duval County & Jacksonville, FL and talks about how the internet helped shined a light on the city 33:32 Talks about putting out his first mixtape over 20 years ago & explains where the inspiration comes from for his intros Lil Quill DGB Off The Porch Interview 2021. We and our partners use cookies to Store and/or access information on a device. Blacc Zacc, Fatt Loc & Lil Eli DGB Off The Porch Interview. Aristotle Investments DGB Off The Porch Interview. We recently sat down with Detroits Certified Nique for an exclusive Off The Porch interview! Re-upped by Dirty Glove Bastard. 2:36 Speaks on coming to America when he was 4, learning English in a few months, finding out he wasnt here legally when he tried to get his drivers license, Obamas D.A.C.A. During our conversation he talked about his new single Oop Flow, his hometown Newport News, hate in his city, jumping off the porch, his homeboy Tana who passed away, his relationship with his Grandma, his brothers passing, biggest life lesson, motivation for rapping, thoughts on the rap game right now, talent in this city, Virginia being slept on, grind of being an independent artists, new video Jaw Drop, working with DaBaby, previewing his new single Runtz, working with Black Zacc, upcoming projects, and much more!

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