wiFido® Bas v3 White, Grey front

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The first production of wiFido is expected to be completed in December 2020. The edition is limited. If you want to make sure you are one of the first users of this “limited edition”, register your email address, and we will keep you informed of production status and we will reserve a wiFido for you!

Additional information


wiFido is a sympathetic and faithful little watchdog who helps you in everyday life. wiFido is both a surveillance camera and an IoT gateway in the same product. With wiFido, you can connect various things, sensors, etc. and then have control and the ability to control these via an App.

This way you get full control of what is going on in your home when you are elsewhere. wiFido is designed to talk wirelessly with all the gadgets that are provided with some form of connection. You get control of the home, who is at home and if any gadget moves, etc. With the built-in camera, you have the opportunity to be at home even though you are away. If you want to talk to someone at home, of course it goes well. When you know that everything is fine at home, you can dedicate yourself to just being where you are.

Important Properties

wiFido is a combined monitoring device and an IoT (Internet of things) gateway
The monitoring unit includes a camera that has motion detection and 2-way audio, temperature sensor etc.
IoT Gateway allows you to control other connected accessories in the home. The base unit has several wireless languages ​​in its basic version
You control and monitor the system and receive notifications via an app, no matter where you are
The base unit has four module compartments for possible expansion of function and areas of use
The system is based on an open platform for future collaborations with other partners
Can be integrated with other smart home systems / products

Technical Specification

Technical information:
Model Description:
Name: wiFido® Base v3 White, Grey front
Article number: 1003
EAN-13: 7340184610033
Color: White
Front color: Grey, replaceable

Dimensions & Weight:
Product weight: 0.578 Kg
Product dimensions HBD: 16.0; 15.5; 5.2 mm
Package weight: Xxx
Packaging dimensions HBD: Xxx

Connections & Power Supply:
Powered by: USB-C charger 3 A, 2.5m
Battery (Backup): ICR14500, 800mAh
Network interface: Wi-Fi
Communication / Radio: Wi-Fi (802.11), NFC, Zigbee (prepared), 433 Mhz.

Camera / Video:
Resolution: "Full HD 1080p + substreams,
1920×1080 @ 45 fps
1920×1080 @ 30 fps + 720×480 @ 30 fps + 360×240 @ 30 fps "
Video format: Real-time multi-stream H.265 encoding capabilities. HEVC with 62% less bandwidth at 1080p
Night vision: IR Cut – off filter, Requires external IR source
Wide angle: 150 degrees
Optical Lens Size: 1 / 2.7 inch
Shutter: Rolling shutter
Audio: Microphone & speakers (1W / 8Ω)

Capacity & Compatibility:
Modularity: "4 module compartments
Accessories! Opportunity for extended functionality, eg 4G module etc. "
Storage: SD card all in the cloud when subscribing
Subscription: Optional, for extended functionality
Operating system: Android xx +, IOS xx +
App: wiFido
Package contents: 1 pc Base unit, 1 pc USB-C cable 2.5 m, 1 pc power adapter 3.0A, 1 pc wall bracket with screw