wiFido 4G Modul

1.495 kr

wiFido 4G is in production. If you want to pre-order the product and read more about wiFido 4G, please go to “Preorder” below.

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The first production of wiFido is expected to be completed in December 2020. The edition is limited. If you want to make sure you are one of the first users of this “limited edition”, register your email address, and we will keep you informed of production status and we will reserve a wiFido for you!

Additional information


It is not in all places that you have an internet connection. We have therefore developed wiFido 4G. Get the holiday home connected so you can keep track and control when you are not there, and create a local wi-fi when you are there.

Important Properties

wiFido base unit can be supplemented with a 4G module
The base unit has four module slots behind the front fabric, one of these module compartments is intended for a 4G module (Upper left corner)

If the home (house, apartment, holiday home, boat, etc.) lacks internet, the 4G module is necessary for wiFido to work.

The 4G module is also a good back-up alternative if the power goes on at home (Then the local wifi goes down). In this case, the base unit switches to battery operation and 4G communication.

Technical specification

SIM card: Nano SIM card
Subscription: A subscription with a Telecom Operator is required.