wiFido Tick, black

399 kr

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The first production of wiFido is expected to be completed in December 2020. The edition is limited. If you want to make sure you are one of the first users of this “limited edition”, register your email address, and we will keep you informed of production status and we will reserve a wiFido for you!

Additional information


The wiFido system can easily be supplemented with a small gadget that we call Tick. Tick is very smart in its simplicity. It is a sensor that measures temperature, alarms for movements or can tell when the children come home from school. It works both outdoors and indoors. Day and night.

Single Pack! (1 tick included in the package).

Important Properties

Tick ​​is a slightly smart sensor that has both an accelerometer and a temperature sensor in it. Through these, you can keep track of whether something is moving at home or what the temperature is where it is

Tick ​​"talks" wirelessly with wiFido Base Unit, which in turn is connected to an App so that users at a distance can receive information and notices from each Tick.

The tick can be programmed to be either a Temperature Tick, a Movement Tick and Presence Tick.

You name each Tick to anything, but preferably to what it is on.

Some examples of areas of use:

For a Movement Tick: Put it on an object at home that you would like to receive a notice of if it moves (Tex Exterior door, Bicycle in the garage, windows, etc.)

For a Temperature: Put a Tick in each room in, for example, the mountain cabin and name them for each room. In the App, you can then enter at what temperatures it should alert for, etc.
For a Proximity: Hang a Tick on the children's backpack, and you will be notified when they go and come home

Technical Specification

Width: 42 mm
Thickness: 7mm
Weight 9 gr
Battery: CR 2032
Communication: 433 Mhz
Pairing to Base Unit: NFC