wiFido is a Swedish innovation that has been developed to give you increased security and to simplify your everyday life through smart technology. You get an overview of your summer cottage or home through the integrated video camera. Wherever you are. With an app, you keep in touch with the home and are notified if someone is at home, read temperatures and are in control of doors and windows. 

You can also control lights, heating and smart locks remotely. wiFido is user-friendly, scalable and secure. Also good looking! The design is from award-winning Tools Design Agency in Copenhagen.

Everything is controlled with an app.

 wiFido has a super-easy and user-friendly app for your phone. You can check if everything is OK at home. It’s easy to control and manage connected devices and sensors. No hassle or complicated settings. As it should be.


Everything you need to know.

wiFido is developed to communicate with the most connected gadgets. Wireless. More and more applications will be released successively.

A tech-product should also look good. We have had the help of one of the best designer in Scandinavia, Tools Design from Denmark.

wiFido is developed with the focus on integrity. Both the products themselves and the software that makes the products work.

wiFido is build to work together with other good products – even new services and new features. 

wiFido connects your digital products in your home. You have full control on what's going on in your home when you're not there. wiFido can talk to all your connected devices wirelessly.

Wifido has a back-up battery to operate even in the event of a power failure. The 4G module also ensures the connection. Smart and secure.

The most common accessories in the market (Nexa and Telldus) can be used to control your home. Ongoing, more accessories, features and services will be added.

You can actually talk to people at home -even when you are away. Wifido has speakers and microphone for bidirectional communication.

Wifido is designed in Denmark to be seen in modern home. The textile front is interchangeable to create an accent or to blend in. 

A built-in camera provides high-resolution images and recorded video from events in your home. The camera detects movement and gives you notifications when movements are detected in the room.


wiFido looks after your home, when you can't.

wiFido has been developed to give you some comfort and make your daily life easier. If you have a house, apartment, cottage or a RV you want to have full control of, wiFido is your device.

wiFido – for the places that you always wan’t to be at.

wiFido Tick - knows what's up.

The brain of our system is wiFido. The system can easily be improved with a little device we call Tick. Tick is really smart with its simpleness. It measures the temperature, sends out an alarm if it detects motion or can tell you when your kids come home from school. It works both inside an outside, day and night.

  • Tick always look after you and knows if anything hasn't moved inside your house. Send an digital notification if you forgot to take your medicine.
  • Place Tick wherever your want. If Tick is moved, you will get an notification directly to your phone, you will also get the current temperature.
  • wiFido Tick talks wirelessly with wiFido Base and can also tell you when it comes home again. Perfect to have in your childrens backpack to know if they're home from school

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The idea with wiFido is that you should be able to customize the features after your needs. That’s why we already from start offer accessories, and it will be even more! We also plan to offer more smart services that you as a user could have a big benefit from.

  • Not all places have internet-connection. That's why we made wiFido 4G. Get your cottage connected so you can control the home when you're not there, and create a local wi-fi hotspot when you are there.
  • You can already connect smart plugs from Telldus and Nexa to your wiFido to control devices at home. Turn your lights off and on or brew some coffee. You can do this through our app, and you can even schedule moments like this.
  • We are working on to get more accessories and services connected to wiFido. Keep an eye out and subscribe to our newsletter to get the lates news. Do you have any bright ideas for a product or service that you think should work with our system, contact us.

We listen to our customers.

Looks nice and user-friendly

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Sarah Albert

The app works flawlessly

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Kevin Martin

My home feels safer.

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Jessica Smith