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wiFido is a new product for controlling and keeping track of your home, family or important gadgets. User-friendliness, function and Scandinavian design is key.

wiFido in a nutshell.

A sympathetic and faithful little watch dog to help you @ home. With wiFido, you connect things at home and the Tick’s (wiFido’s smart sensors). You’ll get a close look at what’s going on in your house when you’re elsewhere. wiFido is designed to communicate wirelessly with all wireless gadgets. With them and wiFido – You  control the home, knows who’s at home and if there are movements. Notifications is sent to your phone if there is a motion. With the built-in camera you have the option of observing, when you’re away. If you want to talk to someone at home, then do so. When you know that everything is good at home, you can dedicate yourself to really being where you are.


The brain in our system is wiFido. The system can be easily supplemented by a small sensor called Tick! Tick is very simple, but with your imagination and our app Tick becomes smart. It measures temperature, alarms for movements and proximity. It works both indoors and outdoors. Day and night. 

Tick – your personal informer

Tick can be placed wherever you want. Outside or inside. You choose what you want to know. If tick moves, then a notification will appear on your mobile. You’ll also know the temperature of where it is. Tick speaks wirelessly with wiFido and can announce it’s precence. Place Tick in the backpack of the kids to know they are home from school. Another smart thing is that Tick can tell when something has not moved. Is that of use? Can Tick remind one to take medicine? Yes! Your imagination sets the limit. Tick delivers temperature, whether it is moving or is near home. You decide what that means for you.

More is to be expected…

New accessories and smart features will be added continuously. Examples – extra cameras, temperature sensors, flow guards and climate control. You certainly have ideas on how to control your smart home. We’d love to hear what you think about future features of wiFido. Contact Us!

Friendly, scalable and handsome!

Interior design demands consequence. We love thoughtful and functional design. wiFido originates from Scandinavia’s best designers. Designed by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk at Tools design in Copenhagen. If you like Scandinavian design, we guess you already have icons designed by Tools in your home.   More from Tools Design…

Scalable and adapted for future

wiFido communicates with most wireless gadgets. There will be many of these in our future homes. wiFido aspires to work with most of them.

User experience

Even if you’re not a rocket scientist, you should be able to remotely connect to your home.  Our aim is to minimize use of manuals.


We love Scandinavian design! Timeless, yet functional. wiFido is designed to be a classic icon. Can you afford to resist?


We aim to create a platform for environmentally sound services. Our target group is in mind, as well as our future employees.



wiFido is like a small watchdog that keeps track of your home. In all we do, we build solutions that take advantage of integrity and security for you as a user.


Perhaps you will be a surprised by where you will be able to find wiFido and all future accessories. In venues where you have your home in focus. Wait for it 🙂


A built-in camera provides high resolution images and video from events in your home. The camera detects movements and gives you notifications if anything moves in the room

You are in command

Your integrity is key to us. Only you have access to images from your home. Encrypted communication between wiFido and your mobile provides security


wiFido can connect to wireless gadgets you already have. And of course, against all the smart accessories coming in the future


Design is important in a modern home. Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk are behind many design icons. Now wiFido.

Controlled by a mobile app

wiFido has a super easy and user-friendly mobile app. You’ll get to know if everything is ok there at home. It should be easy to check connected accessories and sensors. Not a lot of hassle and settings. So it should be.

All Scandinavian!

In the development of wiFido we have always been based on the needs of the user. Form, function and integrity have been our cornerstones in the process. All in a successful collaboration with several creative Scandinavian partners.


Here you will find answers to the most common questions and information about us who’s behind wifido. You will also find contact information.

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Here we will gather support information for our products in the future. These may include quick start guides, manuals, etc.
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About Wifido
Wifido is a registered trademark of some of what you see on this page. Very exciting new gadgets and services are coming on stream. Behind the concept development is Brand New Brand Nordic AB. We are a young Swedish company that works with product development with user focus with many partners. We will grow fast in the future and want to work with users, companies and future employees. Send us a message and we can start a dialogue!

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